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Church Center Member Resources

Church Center is the fastest way to get information about our church,

give a financial gift, and MORE!

Get involved and connect with your church family using the links below!

Check out our activities and events we have coming up! If you have questions, please contact our church office.

Church Directory

Coming Soon soon!

North Holland Reformed Church supports different ministries through the faithful giving of our Church Family.

Sign up for a group or special workshop! If you have questions, please contact our church office.

Follow These Steps to Download our Church Center App:

  1. Open your App Store on your phone or tablet (Android and Apple devices)

  2. Search for and download 'Church Center App' 

  3. When download is complete, click on 'Get Started'

  4. Find North Holland Reformed Church with location settings or by manually searching zip code 49424

  5. To log in, press 'Next' - type in your cell phone number. A confirmation code will be sent to you via Text

  6. Select yourself or, if necessary, create your profile. ALLOW notifications.

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